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There are many answers to the size of the penis question depending on what size one is referring to and what activity is anticipated.

There are long skinny cocks.
There are long average thick ones.
There are average length thick dicks.
There are even shorter thick ones.
There are long boners that are really thick.

And as the picture earlier shows there are really useless ones that are long and thick but are too bent out of shape to do serious fucking with and too long to do maxium penetration with most ladies.
On the lady front there does not seem to be a reliable relationship between overal body size of the lady and her capacity to take on a big one. There are some gals that are just over 5 ft. that can take on some mighty big guys in positions where maximum penetration occurs with comfort.

Alternativly some taller ladies can wince when penetration is too deep. I discussed with one lady recently a guy she knew that was too thick for her before she had children but she doubted that he would be a problem now.

It is often said that it is how you use it that counts. Many ladies have also said that size does matter. They are probably both correct. It is most likely that an average to larger guy in both length and thickness that has his stroking action well tuned stands a better chance of taking a lady over the top. Position has more to do with G spot contact than length but pointing up vs. pointing straight out has a big bearing here.

There is also the case of how firm does the guy get. Generally it is stated that a really firm one no matter the size is both psychologically and physically the best.

Thicker is good because it stretches the pussy out and it is only reasonable to believe that a pussy that is streched out to its comfortable potential maximum is more sensitive than one that is penetrated by a pencil dick. Next comes length. With length comes the length of the stroke. A lot of the stimulation comes with motion and longer stokes have the potential to cause more stimulation. Too long can also be problematic if the guy hits bottom because hitting the cervix takes enough of the edge off so the lady will never get over the top and indeed she may even get sore. Speed of stroking is another factor. It is a lot easier if it is a long one to do frantic fast stroking without the risk of pulling back too far and having it fall out. Sometimes falling out is catastrophic and that may be what happened to the guy in the pic. Poking forward after slipping out can put a kink in the big guy that may never recover. In my opinion squeezing too hard during masterbation can do the same thing. Right handed guys seem to point right and left handed ones point left.

If it is long enough to do frantic fucking and thick enough to strech the lady’s pussy to her comfort potential and if you get just the right position to stimulate that G spot while still making sufficient intermittent clitoral contact with your pelvis or your balls and if the rim on the head of your penis is much larger than the shaft behind it to maximuze the stimulation of the G spot and if you look like her dream of the ultimate guy and if you warm her up with just the right amount of foreplay and if you are of an age that appeals to her and if you are rich like hell and if you can last long enough in the frantic fucking mode to get her over the top without you coming first and if you have bought her dinner and made her feel really special then you have what it takes for a second date!